Gear Packages To Surprise & Delight Your Customers!

BLG Packages are designed to enhance the Brand interaction and usage experience for your customers and allow them to share their love of your Brand. From the purchase of a new, or new to me boat or RV, to joining a Club or achieving a purchase goal with your company, you can build a BLG package that delivers unexpected enjoyment and enhances your customer’s Brand experience. Example Packages include:

For the new or new to me boat or RV owner or new club member, the Welcome Package is designed to let you deliver a quality “Thank You” package to your customer – and enables them to share their excitement about your Brand.


Perfect for the beach, sandbar or lakefront lot, the Beach Package delivers a relaxing Beach experience for your customers. 

Want to help your customers enjoy their time outdoors while they, and their friends, engage with your Brand?  Share a Fun & Sun Package and watch your customers smile!


Looking for a great way to keep customers (and their kids) occupied before, during and after the sale?  Showcase your logo and share some Branded gear to keep your Brand top of mind between visits.  The Dealer Package keeps customers occupied, comfortable and happy and elevates your Brand experience.


Have a special event, open house or rendezvous?  Brand Lab Gear can create a custom kit based on your requirements.

CONTACT US today to learn more about becoming a BLG Client and setting up your custom BLG Brand Packages!