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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Branded and Personalized?
  • Branded: Gear or Packages with your Company’s Name, Brand and/or Logo.
  • Personalized: Select recreational products available Personalized your Customer’s Name or Logo – like a boat or cottage name.
Can Packages be either Branded or Personalized?

Yes, Packages can be ordered with either your Company Name or Logo (Branded) or with a Customer’s Name or a Boat Logo or a Cottage Name (Personalized).

I am planning for a show / open house / rendezvous. Can BLG create custom items for my event?

Yes – BLG can develop custom merchandise for specific events.  We can either use exiting merchandise and provide custom messaging, or we can work with you to identify unique items.  Please call 1-866-523-5223 or email as early in your planning process as possible.

Brand Lab Gear Store FAQ’s

What is the Gear Store?

The BLG Gear Store has two elements, a point of purchase retail experience and an online website that BLG can make available for Clients to link off of their websites. The retail Gear Store enables retails sales and also raises awareness for the online Gear Store, allowing customers visiting your website the opportunity to order Gear with your Logo or have it Personalized with their name.

Do I have to stop using my exiting t-shirt / hat vendor?

The standard BLG Gear Store does not carry items like shirts and sweatshirts, however they can be added at your request.  BLG Gear options are carefully selected to provide unique options for your customers, enabling them to purchase personalized items focused on enhancing their recreational experience.

Do I have to both order Packages and offer the BLG Gear Store?

No, you have the options of only ordering packages or only using the Gear Store or both.  BLG Gear Stores to have a retail point of purchase component to both generate retails sales and raise awareness of the online Gear Store.

How hard is it to connect to the BLG Gear Store?

The BLG Online Gear Store is designed to be linked to your current website, but it is not hosted or integrated into your website. Establishing a new link off your website may only take whoever manages your website a few minutes.

Can my BLG Gear Store look like my website?

Yes, we brand the website with your Logo to make the customer experience as seamless as possible.

Do I need to stock BLG Gear Store inventory?

BLG stocks all the online inventory and personalizes and ships items as they are ordered.  However, Clients participating in the Gear Store program typically carry a point of purchase display in their location to both generate offline sales and raise awareness for the online store.

Ordering & Shipping FAQ’s

What artwork do I need?

Ideally, please provide your Brand or Logo artwork in a Vector format. If that is not available then BLG can accept JPEG, PNG or Adobe files.

I do not have a digital copy of the logo I want to use. What can I do?

If the desired logo is not available in a digital format then BLG can recreate the file for a small additional charge.

Can I use any Company's Logo?

BLG follows copyright, trademark and registration laws. If you have legal permission to use a registered Logo or text, then we can use that Logo or text.  If you do not have permission to use a registered Logo or text we will not be able to Brand or Personalize an order.  BLG reserves the exclusive right to determine what it will produce.

Are there any limitations on artwork or text?

Any Branding or Personalization requests that contain artwork and/or text that BLG determines, at its sole discretion, to be obscene, sexually explicit, profane, defamatory, libelous, portrays illegal activity, negatively reflects on another Brand, Company or individual or otherwise inappropriate content will be canceled and refunded.  In addition, any Branding or Personalization that displays images related to political parties, candidates or issues will be canceled and refunded.  BLG reserves the right to cancel and refund any order.

Will I see a proof of the artwork before materials are produced?

For the first order using a particular piece of artwork and a particular item Clients will be provided a proof for approval.  For repeat orders, you will be given the option of seeing a proof.  Remember, the more quickly a proof is approved and returned, the more quickly BLG can create and ship your order.

How long will it take to produce my order?

BLG makes every effort to ship orders within 7 – 10 days from receipt of the approved proof. Expected delivery times will be confirmed at the time orders are processed.

What shipping is available?

Shipping options depend on the size of the order placed. When an order is placed, BLG will confirm the shipping options and your selection.

Can I use my shipping account?

If BLG is notified at the time of order, BLG will work with a Client to use their shipping account if possible.

How do I pay for my order?

Orders under $5,000 are typically processed with a credit card. Orders over $5,000 can be placed with either a credit card or a Purchase Order and a deposit.  If you have any questions, please call 1-866-522-5223 when you are ready to order and we will discuss your options.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

If you are purchasing Gear or Packages to resell and you provide a valid sales tax exemption certificate before placing an order, BLG will honor sales tax exemption.

Are discounts available for multiple package orders?

Please see the ordering website or call 1-866-522-5223 for more information about current BLG package programs.

Do I have to order online?

No. Orders may be placed by calling 1-866-522-5223, Mon – Fri., 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern.

What companies can order Branded products?

BLG supports a wide range of Client programs.  Please call 1-866-523-5223 or email to discuss your merchandise needs.

Why was my Order canceled?

BLG reserves the right to cancel any order that contains an image or text that BLG determines, in its sole discretion, to be not appropriate for production.  Canceled orders will be refunded within 7-14 days or as quickly as reasonably possible.

Return FAQ’s

Can I return BLG Packages or Gear?

BLG stands behind every purchase and will make every effort to ensure you are happy. Unfortunately once a proof is approved and produced, that merchandise can only be returned if it is delivered damaged or defective.  Please call 1-866-522-5223 or email and report all damaged or defective deliveries as soon as they are received so we can find a resolution.  All return orders require prior authorization.